Development of R Package for Automation of Natural Language Processing

R Package Developer, Paris 8 University, Professor in charge: Guillaume Desagulier, Feb 2019 - Present


The project aims to make R package for the Natual Language Processing. Through this, we want to help other researchers who wants to analyze corpus data easily. In this project, I'm main Developer to make core package.



Building data archives for children’s language learning research

Digital Archive Datasets Developer, Sorbonne University, Professor in charge: Aliyah Morgenstern, 1 Nov 2018 - 31 Dec 2018, 1 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019


The project aims to make the web based digital archive dataset. Through this, we want to help other researchers who wants to use our huge corpus data easily with the dynamic interaction. In this project, I'm main Developer to make the web based digital archive dataset.

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Power Mechanism in Korean History Based on 'Big Data' Analysis

Visual System Development Researcher, 2015 Interdisciplinary Convergence Research Support Project, National Research Foundation of Korea, NRF, Nov 2014 - Nov 2018


This study aims to present a historical approach and it's methodology to overcome the binary opposition problem in Korea. The teams participating in this project are divided into 4 parts; History, Text-mining, Statistics, Data Visualization. And I'm working as a researcher of visualization to develop visual system and analyze data.

Related works

S. Mun, G. Choi, S. Lee, and K. Lee, Visual analysis for voting relationships in Joseon Dynasty, Korea, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on ICT, Society and Human Beings, pp. 111-118, Jul 2017
Scopus, Program, PDF

S. Mun, H. Han, G. Choi, T. Yun, J. Kim, and K. Lee, Hierarchical Network Visualization Approach to Power Mechanism in Medieval Joseon Korea, 41st Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Nov 2016
Program, PPT

S. Lee, H. Choi, S. Mun, H. Han, H. Ha, and K. Lee, Visualization Approach to a Korean Genealogy Data, 2014 The 1st International Symposium on Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities and Culture : Trends and Prospects, Dec 2014
Cover, Program, PPT

Towards Better Analysis With Multiword Expressions for Natural Language Processing

Core Development Researcher, Joint research on international cooperation, Ajou University, Dec 2017 - Dec 2018


Words in text corpus may be consist of one-word or they may be a combination of words that together, constitute a word. The latter is referred to as a multiword expression. And if we analyze both single word and multiword , we can get more accurate results and more information than we analyze only single word from corpus. For this reason, we propose artificial intelligence system for extracting and recognizing MWEs and analyzing corpus.

Related works

S. Mun, G. Desagulier, and K. Lee, How can we capture Multiword Expressions?, 5th International Conference on Statistical Language and Speech Processing, SLSP2017, Oct 2017

S. Mun, G. Choi, G. Desagulier, and K. Lee, PreechVis: Visual Profiling using Multiple-word Combinations, Proceedings of the 13th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (IVAPP2018), pp. 97-107, Jan 2018
Scopus, dblp, Scitepress, Program, PPT, PDF

S. Mun, G. Desagulier, and K. Lee, A visual approach for text analysis using multiword topics, IEEE, EuroVis 2017, 19th EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization, Jun 2017
Eurographics, dblp, HAL, Program, POSTER, PDF

Predictive Analysis of road traffic accident using text mining techniques

Visual System Development Researcher, 'See-At' Technology Development Project of Meteorological Agency, Korea Meteorological Industry Promotion Agency, Korea Insurance Development Institute, Mar 2015 - Dep 2015


This project aims to predict the location of accident and prevent accidents based on results of text anlysis. We used two different data; text data from Korea Insurance Development Institute and weather data from Meteorological Agency. And I worked as a data analyst to create meaningful variables from text data and to merge it with weather data.


Description, Process Map

Ajou University's BK 21 Plus Program (Life Media Interdisciplinary Program)

Graduate Student Researcher, BK21 Plus's Professional Talent Training (Cultural Contents), National Research Foundation of Korea, NRF, Mar 2014 - Feb 2016


This study aims to train professionals and develop technologies that could help blossom Korean society and ultimately world society. Graduate students participating in this project are leading the world research with the support of the Life Media Interdisciplinary Program. And I am conducting research as a member of this project.

Related works

Award citation from the Minister of Education, Korea, The Education Ministry, National Research Foundation of Korea, NRF, Brain Korea 21, Mar 2018

LINC(Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation)

Research Assistant, Ajou University, Professor in charge: Sangkuk Lee, Mar 2016 - Aug 2016


The project aims to make students of Ajou University to be international talent. Through this, we want to be the center of the fourth industrial revolution. In this project, I have taught to students R program for 5 months.

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